Entry #11 – November 16, 2015

My mother went off on her semiannual vacation for a week. She works as a tax accountant in a small local firm, so she takes off for a week right after the end of tax season and another in November to prepare herself for the holidays and the tax season for next year. I’d say she’s lucky to have legally mandated vacation time, but she still has to work fifty hours a week during the first quarter of the year. I can’t even stand six hours of school a day; I don’t know how I could work ten hours straight. At least I wouldn’t have to sit through eight different twenty minute lectures sections, which would be helpful. And if I got to go on a sight-seeing trip by myself twice a year it may be a huge help.

So my father and I were by ourselves for the week. He’s middle management at the HR department of a major corporation’s local office, a job that seems about as exciting as it sounds. His job has more steady hours all year round, which provides some stability to our lives. He doesn’t use as much vacation time as my mother, and most of it is used to take me on trips to historical sites or to see family members. Normally, he makes dinner for the family in the first quarter, when he gets home before my mother. She makes it the rest of the year on the nights where we don’t get take out or go out to eat. They split up most of the housekeeping tasks this way, except for the few that I do as chores. I’d say most families have to work the same way, with almost all parents needing to work due to such high income taxes.

Since there were only two of us in the house, my father didn’t really feel like cooking. We had different take-out delivery meals for the week, except for Tuesday when we went to a steakhouse. Four nights after dinner he went to a local bar to visit friends, something which he avoids doing when my mother isn’t out of the house. In addition to my usual dealing with the recycling and trash I had to help with laundry and house cleaning as well. And since it’s fall, I had to rake the remaining leaves off of the lawn. I think the leaves make the lawn look nice, and the trees are almost bare so there won’t be any left soon, but it isn’t my lawn. At least since my father didn’t do much cooking I didn’t have to deal with washing too many dishes too. I do get an allowance for doing these things, with most of the money I don’t end up spending on computer games and Netflix going into my savings account. Eventually I can hopefully afford a car if I can ever get a license. If not, I can spend it once I go to college, assuming I get into a college and don’t fail out of it.

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