Entry #17 – January 4, 2016

The break went well. Christmas morning my parents and I exchanged the gifts we wanted, and I got everything I asked for including a $50 Amazon gift certificate. My father and mother also got gifts for one another, which they both seemed pleased with. I got to try out my mother’s new seat covers when she took me to the dentist, and they feel really nice. My father likes his new gloves a whole lot, especially since he had to shovel snow on Tuesday. As I helped him I wished I had gotten myself a pair; it was really cold that day. After we gave each other gifts we headed off to my father’s family for lunch. Outside of more gift exchanges, it was basically the same as when we went there for Thanksgiving.

New Year’s Eve was boring as usual. I guess that’s to be expected when considering it’s a holiday that’s traditionally celebrated by having large, loud get together were everybody gets entirely too drunk. I have little over five years before I can legally drink and I don’t like loud parties, so there wasn’t much for me to do but stay home and watch the celebrations on television. There were still thousands out in Times Square, but the crowd keeps thinning every year. It’s been half a decade since you couldn’t see the actual square between all the people. At least that makes it a bit more likely not to be pick-pocketed while watching the ball drop. They showed other celebrations around the world, from Sydney, to Paris, to London, and they were all much more crowded and extravagant. I’m assuming they were all drunk, which means nearly entire nations were probably hung over on New Year’s Day. I noticed even when I went to the local convenience store that the employee putting things on the shelves was stumbling and putting things where they didn’t belong. I tried correcting some of his mistakes, and I’m just glad we have automatic check-out so I didn’t have to deal with him messing with my purchases. Maybe once I’m allowed to drink I’ll understand the attraction, but right now I don’t understand why people do that to themselves.

The rest of the break was devoted to recreation. I spent hours at a time in the Wikipedia Wormhole, looking up one historical event that led to another article and then another. I haven’t looked up history articles outside of class since the beginning of the school year, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I played plenty of computer games too, and went over to Mark’s house a couple of days to play the new games he got for Christmas with him. I also watched a few movies, got caught up on television shows, and generally did whatever I felt like doing at the time. I may have had a lack of structure, but at least that lack of structure was under my control. But now I’m recharged and hopefully read to get back to work here.

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