Entry #18 – January 11, 2016

I had noticed Lauren and Paul being late for classes ever since we came back from break, and when I found her sitting at our lunch table instead of with her friends a few tables down my suspicions were confirmed. Apparently, they live a few houses apart from one another, and started hanging out during the break. Normally I’d be annoyed that he brought another person I have to be social with during my lunch time, but at this point their talking to each other is just distracting the rest of us from studying for midterms and finals. They kept going back and forth, with him using flattery and jokes and her giggling or awkwardly trying to make witty remarks. Paul did laugh at them, even though I thought they were embarrassingly unfunny. I guess it’s just a symptom of early infatuation.

This week I’ll have midterms in this class, geometry, biology, 20th century American history, economics, and political science, plus the final for music and the written exam for the driver’s license. I know this has been brought up again and again, but I really wish that all the tests weren’t at the same time. The two finals have to be, but the rest of our classes are yearlong and don’t have to schedule the tests in the exact same week. Yes, this means that we may have to delay the midyear report cards, but I’d rather have better grades on my report card than get it earlier.

Honestly, taking the tests is the easy part. There’s no lecture to sit through, so it’s an entire period where you are doing things yourself and the only thing holding you in class is your own ability. Thankfully, in almost all of my classes I’ve been able to leave and either relax or study for the next test on my laptop after I finished the exam. And nobody is assigning extra homework, except for this, so all I have to do is read materials to learn or re-learn what was covered in my classes. It turns out it’s a lot faster to read through the textbook than it is to go to class every weekday for over four months. But it still takes a lot of effort when you have to do it for eight classes at the same time.

At least I’ll be able to see how I’m doing in classes once the report card comes out. I’m glad that you are grading our vocabulary quizzes, small in-class assignments, and exams because I have no idea how I’m doing with this since you aren’t grading it yet. I may prefer to have a higher GPA than prioritize getting my report card faster, but I still like to know how I’m doing. I’ve written a lot of words that may or may not be any good, and it’s very frustrating. The school’s therapist told me that you have a reason for doing this when I complained about it, so I guess I’m just going to deal with it.

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