Entry #22 – February 8, 2016

Mark’s already have three driving lessons. He said that at first he was nervous, but eventually he relaxed and found that he was able to maintain control and feel comfortable even when on the road. It helped that he had an instructor with a brake on his side of the seat, but he still made it through without the care getting a scratch. The instructor was even impressed that he was able to pick up parking so quickly. Now he has to do a lot of practice driving before he’s ready to take the driving test, but it looks like he’s well on his way towards eventually passing it. He also still has to figure out how to balance practicing driving with schoolwork and his potential job, but he thinks he can manage it. I hope my lessons can go nearly as well as his.

Lauren and Paul broke up after a fight on Tuesday, so obviously she’s no longer sitting with us at lunch. When she sat with her old friends on Wednesday Kat asked Paul what had happened and he said he didn’t want to talk about it. Then I heard a rumor that Paul was a liar and he shouldn’t be trusted, and then another rumor that Lauren was a hypersensitive idiot and shouldn’t be trusted either. It was an incredibly confusing situation.

The next day Paul explained to us what had happened. He had invited Lauren to go to the movies on a date, but when she showed up at his house he explained that his parents were out of town for the night and he thought it would be romantic to spend the night alone. He figured she would be flattered; but she instead she was incredibly angry. She began to question whether anything else he said to her were lies, and after a heated argument she went back to her house. Kat said that Lauren was probably irritated that, not only was she lied to, she was prepared to go to a movie and a sudden change of plans stressed her out. Paul was adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong, and he thought it was a complete overreaction. Kat replied that it may have been an overreaction, but he still needed to talk to her to make sure she understood his reasoning and she wouldn’t try and potentially ruin his reputation further.

Paul did end up talking to Lauren at some point, and they appeared to have come to terms since people are no longer spreading any rumors about either and are treating both like nothing happened. Paul said he has no plans of dating her again because he can’t imagine having to deal with the potential of that kind of reaction again. Mark pointed out that a lot of other girls in our school might react similarly, and he’s going to have to learn from the experience. Paul agreed, but I think his feelings for Lauren specifically means that there is very little potential for them getting back together.

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