Entry #23 – February 15, 2016

It’s very irritating that I have to take this class, or any class for that matter, after gym. First I have to change my clothes, and I hate changing, then run around or do weights for like twenty minutes before going back to the locker room and change again. It’s going to be really bad in the summer when I’ll get sweatier, and there isn’t enough time to shower even if I wanted to shower in the locker room. So I’m incredibly exhausted once I get here so I’m glad I don’t have to submit these online until midnight.

I chose to be in the exercise and fitness class because my coordination is no good so the Sports class would be a nightmare. I remember trying to play basketball in earlier grades and it took dozens of tries before I could even make a layup. Some kids are as uncoordinated as me but take the Sports class anyway because it’s still more fun to them than just running and exercising, but for me constantly being terrible at whatever we’re playing isn’t going to do wonders for my mental stability. Mark and Paul are in the Sports class, but they’re both more coordinated than I am. Apparently Paul has been creating quite a bit of attention for himself since he’s doing very well there, which isn’t exactly surprising.

At least the sports class lets the old football field get used more often in the spring. There are intramural soccer games, but just during the fall, and track and field only uses the area around the field. It used to be that football games brought huge crowd, and it was a big event with cheerleaders, a school mascot, and even a marching band. But a football team is needs a lot of players and expensive equipment, and now it’s a lot more difficult to find over twenty-four students who want to play football and even harder to find good players out of those. So the school just stopped trying to field one, and the stadium rarely gets that many visitors. There’s still one set of bleachers that sometimes get filled for track meets, but they never even bothered replanting the grass where the bleachers on the other side of the field used to be.

The lack of qualified athletes is a real problem for professional sports leagues. My father still follows the NFL even though it’s down to twelve teams and his hometown team folded years ago. The skill level just got so bad that people didn’t find it fun to watch anymore. College football was huge too, but the skill level drop off was even worse there and now only a few dozen schools even have programs. Baseball has fared slightly better; the MLB has only had to contract a bit because they can get players from Latin America and Japan. And the NBA, NHL, and especially MLS have grown because of their ability to recruit talented foreign players. We won’t be winning a World Cup anytime, well ever, but at least our domestic league is pretty good.

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