Entry #34 – May 9, 2016

Last week my mother went on her spring vacation. This time she took visited Niagara Falls, with plenty of pictures to prove it, and then went up to Montreal. She didn’t like Montreal as much, not because she didn’t like the city but because it makes her anxious when most of the people around her are speaking a language she doesn’t understand completely. It isn’t a major problem for her, especially since that will describe a lot of places in the United States in a few years, but it is an issue when you’re on the vacation to relieve the stress of the past few months and prepare yourself to be fully prepared to take on any challenges of the next few months. Overall, though, she said she enjoyed the trip and, while happy to see us again, is still excited for her next vacation in November.

My father and I spent the time pretty much in the same way as we spent the last vacation. He’d been sick of even seeing the kitchen after cooking for the past few months, so we went out to eat four nights that week. And after all of them he would drop me off at home and go hang out at the bar with his friends. One night he didn’t even come home, and he never explained why. But then I’m not entirely certain about everything my mother does when she goes on vacation, so I’m not casting any judgement. Thankfully, I knew the steps required to make the same breakfast I always have, so I didn’t have to go to school hungry.

I had my second driving lesson this past weekend. This one covered parallel parking, and it was kind of a nightmare. I followed every instruction the best that I could, and even when I had memorized all of them I couldn’t seem to do them correctly. I was always hitting one of the cones, whether going forwards, backwards, turning, or especially turning while backing up. It’s very confusing to me trying to figure out which way I need to turn the wheel to turn the car in the direction I want it to go when I’m in reverse. If I think about it, I can figure it out, but eventually I’m going to have to be able to back up and turn without spending half a minute remembering which direction I should be turning the wheel. Anyway, my performance was so inadequate they suggested another lesson just focusing on the parking. My parents won’t be very happy having to pay for at least four lessons instead of three, but at least when they take me to practice they won’t be as frustrated with my ineptitude. That’s where the real difficulty begins, since I’ll be using my parent’s cars to do the practicing. Not only do they not have brakes on the passenger side, if I damage them bad enough they’ll have to spend time in the shop, or worse. At least there’s car insurance and just enough public transportation available here in case that happens.

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