This short science fiction epistolary novella that takes place in an alternate timeline where autism spectrum disorders affected the majority of a generation in America.  The story is told through forty required classroom journal entries by a sophomore high school student.  It is a work of fiction, not the author’s personal blog (which would be here).

Since publishing, even self-publishing, a novella is difficult, I figured since it is a series of entries posting this as a WordPress blog would be a good way to at least share it and not have it languishing on my hard drive for forever.  This may have been a mistake, since it’s a bit confusing that all the entries are posted on the same day and the entries are posted in reverse so they show up in the story’s chronological order.  But then, spending a sum of money to get it self-published when I don’t know if it’s any good is probably not a very good idea either.

Keep in mind this hasn’t been professionally edited and there are probably many typos in there.  This is unprofessional and can diminish the reading experience, although it does sort of make sense since these are supposed to be the writings of a 15-16 year old.  Luckily, one advantage of putting this up on a blog means that I can edit the entries whenever they are found.

The title is a reference to allism (which in the story is autism as far as the narrator is concerned because most of the people he deals with have it in some way) and the quote “Nothing is ‘mere'” by Richard Feynman (via nothing is mere).


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